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"Pop music with brains and a heart what a novel concept!" - Mike Breen, CityBeat
Singer Songwriter Whitney B. has been playing live since 2001. Described as having "sharp lyrics, fantastic melodies, abundant charm and one of the biggest, best voices that you’ll hear almost anywhere", she played for years with the Whitney Barricklow band. The group, made up of acclaimed Cincinnati bass man Chris Walker, Whitney’s husband Mark Szabo on lead guitar, and various stellar drummers, has been hailed as literate, clever, and inherently musical. In 2005 her songwriting chops and vocal prowess won her a Cincinnati Entertainment award, for singer/songwriter of the year. She’s worked commercially, singing jingles for Roto-Rooter (the longest running jingle of all time), Time Warner Cable, The Cincinnati Reds, Gold Star Chili, Spice Mice (she’s the singing angel mouse) and more.
Life brings change. In 2007, bassist Chris Walker was injured in a car accident, and is currently working hard on the business of recovery. There was a time of quiet and questioning before Whitney and Mark began playing again, this time as a duo. Since then, there has been endless writing, many new songs, directions, and vocal revelations, all with the common undercurrent of Chris’s influence.
Recently the desire to play again as a full band has grown. Whitney and Mark have been joined by Jim Danehy on bass, and are lucky enough to have special guest drummer Dave Morrison, of the Ass Ponys. They have a new cd to offer, quietly produced in a flurry of writing for the RPM challenge - the challenge is to write and record a full length CD in February. Another new cd is also in the works, as is a "greatest hits" record, featuring Chris’s masterful bass playing. Whitney is ready to dive back in, get out, and make some new waves.
Shows of note include the 2005 Taste of Cincinnati, the Midpoint Music Festival 2003/2004/2005/2006/2007, Chicks Rock Fest 2004/2005/2006/2007, and appearances on WAIF 88.3, WNKU 89.7, WCPO Channel 9, and WXIX Fox 19.

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